Look 'n out 'n look 'n in


Somatic Echo
View of the Installation

"Look 'n out 'n look 'n in" is an installation exploring technical representations of the human body and how they shape our relationship to our own physis. Through a phenomenological tracing of the historical shifts of techniques of representing the human body I explore how for example stereoscopy, X-ray or FMRI produce an increasingly abstract understanding of our bodies, where the real and the abstract get wound up in an endlessly circling interchange. It consists of several box-shape clay receptacles. Each box has two looking holes through which the viewers see a pepper's ghost theater showing the images of the human body recorded in different imaging techniques, such as the stereographic photography of brain anatomy from the 1870s, and current FMRI images of talking heads. The piece is a media archaeology of the historic transformation of the media representations of the human body.