Three Winters in the Sun – Einstein in California


Edited compilation from an interactive DVD

"Three Winters in the Sun – Einstein in California" is an interactive memoir that focuses on the three visits that the German physicist Albert Einstein made to the California Institute of Technology from 1931 to 1933. While Einstein was a researcher in Germany he came to visit California during three winters to move his research on his unified field theory forward. In the particular historic situation he was not only a scientist but played also a role as a political and cultural icon. The project traces the complex personality of Einstein through his interactions with the various communities in Los Angeles, his private life and the security checksof the FBI. It offers six different chapters: Einstein and the Hollywood community, his interactions with the emigrant community, the jewish community, his Household, his research and the FBI investigations on him.

The project is a production of the Labyrinth Project at USC's Annenberg Center for Communication and was commisioned by the Skirball Cultural Center at the occasion of an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory of relativity. It was exhibited in the exhibition as an interactive installation and published as a DVD.


Written and Produced by Marsha Kinder
Directed by Kristy Kang
Design and Implementation by Andreas Kratky
Sound Design and Research by Juri Hwang